Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Kylie has started playing T-ball and is doing quite well at it. The past two years she played kick ball and did okay, but the whole t-ball thing is really seeming to be her flow.

These are a few pictures of her at her first game.

Friday, March 20, 2009

You Never Would Think...

Recently Kylie has been so determined to learn how to tie her shoes! You never would think about how hard it would be to teach someone how to do that. I know that by now she should have some kind of idea. I didn't remember any kind of little poem that was supposed to help, so I thought just show her and try it. Well...It didn't really work. Frustration was all that was accomplished. So the next day or so, Kylie came home from my mom's and was wanting to show me that she could tie her shoes. I guess she learned from the best place. The same person who taught me! As I'm watching her, I see her doing just about the same steps as I had been teaching her. Then I asked my mom, what was done differently to help her. She said she told Kylie to make the bow, or "bunny ear", starting on the other side! Wow...something as simple as that!! But I am proud to announce my dear Kylie can NOW tie her shoes! Thanks to her Nana!

~Very Proud Mom~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kylie Grace was born on July 27, 2003. She is such a joy for a child. Her nature is so sensative and reminds me all the time of myself. Kylie's name was uniquely found. We already knew we wanted "Grace", but the first name was the hard one to decide on. Jonathan returned home from Kuwait when I was seven months pregnant. All the names that we liked such as...Maddison, Mackenzie, etc...were too popular at the time. Can you imagine 3 children in the same Kindergarten class with the same name. I knew I wanted something unique and not normally heard. So as I just completed a book filled with baby names and not finding a one...I just so happened to have the channel on MTV. ALL of a SUDDEN...KYLIE MONOGUE came on the t.v. They were mentioning her come-back in singing from the 80's. So then it hit me like a ton of bricks! "KYLIE"!!! I like it! NO one else has it and it's adorable. Naturally...my family had to make it like her name was impossible to pronounce and asked why I didn't choose something "normal". Now...everywhere you look there is a Kylie, Kaylee, Kyra, Keelee, etc. Needless to say the uniqueness of the name has left, but she is definately a wonderful person and her name fits her beautifully.

Today...Kylie is a Kindergartener and she's getting smarter and smarter each day. We get so tickeled at her and some of the things she has come up with. Right now she is trying to tackel the act of riding a bicycle. Although we had 3 spills yesterday and tears fell, my baby got right back on there and kept trying! I just told her it's part of riding a bike and mommy and daddy fell too! (shhh...don't tell) But I don't know if I could ride a bike now if I wanted to. LOL Anyway...I hope this blog offers you the chance to see the amuzing and talented and beautiful first daughter of mine.